This is no ordinary fidget toy. Uniquely designed to engage active hands while stimulating right brain activity without disrupting concentration, the OrbitPen represents the cutting edge of stress-reduction technology. This product offers an elegant yet compact aesthetic combined with the soothing capabilities inherent in fidget mechanisms.



The sophisticated design features components that encourage instinctual maneuvering. The pen’s short length enables it to be spun between the thumb and forefinger, while also expanding to create a longer, more functional writing utensil. Complimenting the ability to spin, the OrbitPen also features other fidget implements. Both ends of the pen itself twist: the bottom end rotates smoothly whereas the top turns around a ridged base to provide a varied textural feeling. Furthermore, a metal/marble ball sits on the top end, providing a friction-less surface to roll your finger across or press in and out.



Just like fashion, pens are another form of statement: they show the world what matters to you, where your passions lie. With the OrbitPen, we have designed something that you will be proud to own. Whether signing a document or jotting down notes during a meeting, the Orbit Pen always looks good, representing you in the best light possible.



Balancing a minimalistic design with technical proficiency, this pen holds its own as a world-class, fine writing instrument. However, by combining time tested techniques and the latest in fidget technology, the OrbitPen transcends this generic label of “writing utensil”, becoming more of a “thinking tool”. Because of the interactive elements and tactile simplicity inherent within the OrbitPen, it helps to promote creativity and stimulate mental activity.





The OrbitPen is the world's first fidget pen equipped with magnetized spinning mechanism, allowing you to stack & spin multiple pens at the same time, creating a stunning acrobatic performance.

According to kickstarter