Like the original Fyre, the vacuum-sealed Fyre V2 includes a temperature adjustment system that goes right up to boiling. More specifically, the LCD control screen lets users select temperatures between room temperature and boiling (78 to 212° F/25.5 to 100° C).



But the Bluetooth-equipped V2 also goes a step beyond just heating liquids. The original Fyre Mobile opened the way for modularity with its detachable, multi-piece construction, and the V2 takes full advantage of this with Bluetooth-equipped add-ons that include a percolator for brewing two cups (16 oz) of coffee at a time, a single-speed blender with ice-crushing capability, a multi-setting lantern with bug zapper, and a four-driver + woofer speaker. The blender also includes a pulse function that Cauldryn says will allow for grinding coffee beans.



The new modular capabilities look sweet on paper – one mug that can grind and brew coffee, boil water, light your campsite and blend drinks – but those modules really need some real-world testing. A watery cup of light brown water brewed over half-ground beans is no way to start a day at camp, and a choke-inducing cup of chunky margarita is no way to end it.



We plan to put those accessories to the test before getting too excited about this new camp kitchen wunder-gadget. We've spoken to Cauldryn reps about getting our hands on one in the near future, and we'll report back after testing it out.

The Cauldryn Fyre V2 will retail for US$150 when it hits the market in mid-July. The modules will be sold separately, costing $30 for the blender and $15 for the percolator. Pricing for the speaker and lantern has not yet been set. The blender will require the new V2 battery, but the other accessories will work with the first-generation Fyre's battery, allowing existing owners to access the new functions without buying a whole new unit.

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