Last year EarlySense broke into the consumer market with their debut of EarlySense Live, a non-wearable sleep and health tracker specifically designed for personal use at home. EarlySense Live is placed underneath the user’s mattress to monitor and track heart rate, respiratory rate, and motion in order to provide real-time  information about sleep quality and overall well-being.



EarlySense Live is packaged in a simple, white box, reminiscent of Apple products. The box includes a thin contact-free sensor, its charger, and a quick set-up guide. You simply download the EarlySense Live app on your smartphone, plug the charger into an outlet, and slip the sensor under your side of the mattress. You then connect the device via Bluetooth to your Smartphone, making sure your phone is within Bluetooth range.



The EarlySense Live app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It is user-friendly, simple to install and easy to navigate. EarlySense Live automatically begins tracking your sleep whenever you get into bed. Upon waking up you are provided with a sleep summary that includes a numeric sleep score determined by various factors, such as the time it took you to fall asleep, your total sleep time and the time you spent in each sleep stage (i.e. light, deep and REM sleep).



EarlySense Live is a highly accurate product since it was designed using the same highly validated, medical-grade technology EarlySense has developed and fine-tuned over the years. In addition to being a sleep tracker, EarlySense Live also can be used to monitor certain aspects of your health. You are able to set specific ranges for your vitals, with an alarm that goes off if your vitals ever fall outside of these pre-selected ranges. Furthermore, you have the option to allow caregivers and family members to remotely monitor your sleep and health information and to receive real-time alert notifications in the event of a health emergency through a subscription model called SmartShare ($4.99/month).

According to medgadget