It is connected to a regularly-updated cloud library, and also enables projecting of your favorite movies and TV shows using a USB drive, for the ultimate viewing experience, wherever you are. CINEMOOD, hailed as one of “the 14 coolest gadgets” at CES this year, is getting families away from individual device screens and promoting family entertainment together. CINEMOOD received more than 16K preorders after CES, and as of today, has already reached 100% of its Indiegogo goal in just over a week! A smart alternative to a tablet computer: CINEMOOD was designed particularly for family use, as opposed to individual use.



Through our app and multifunctional IoT device, we have made CINEMOOD the ideal entertainment unit for a family. The possibilities are indeed limitless! All of them, however, strive to bring families together and expose children to technology in a way that is engaging, rather than isolating. CINEMOOD comes with over 20 hours of pre-loaded content that has been carefully selected by educators and child psychologists. By the fall of 2016, CINEMOOD will also offer programming from major content providers and selected based on user preferences. Your favorite streaming services are integrated to the projector so you can enjoy huge content library.



For a big kids too: Parents also have the option of watching their own content with CINEMOOD via USB or WiFi. Your social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) are integrated into CINEMOOD, so you can use CINEMOOD to access your social feeds directly to look at family photo album and your private videos. The most surprising part of CINEMOOD is that it’s completely unlike any book or screen, or any other projector.



Because it’s so portable, it immerses you in a storytelling environment that can be projected onto any surface, like a ceiling, hotel room wall or even the side of a house for outdoor movie night. Kids feel like they’re right in the story, creating lasting memories with a new tradition the whole family can enjoy. It’s going to be ready in time for the holiday season – a definite “must-have” gift for families this year. Why CINEMOOD? Because with this gadget you’ll create your own Cinema mood!

According to gadgetflow