The NeuralBot automatically positions the ultrasound probe, with some help from a clinician, to achieve the optimal results when scanning the brain for signs of neurological conditions. Similar procedures have been available before, but a trained professionals were required to properly perform and analyze the results. The new offerings can help to make this a lot easier and potentially even allow emergency rooms to quickly scan patients for stroke or other brain conditions.



“Progress in treating neurological disorders has lagged due to a lack of available low-cost and objective patient diagnostic information. This has resulted in misdiagnosis, treatment delays and additional healthcare expenditures for patients suffering neurological disease,” said Robert Hamilton, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Neural Analytics. “Our new technology can assist a healthcare professional- when an expert technician is not available – with the collection of blood flow data to assist clinicians in efficiently triaging patients for appropriate treatment.”



The company hopes that soon paramedics will have access to its Lucid Robotic System to assess patients for stroke right in the field.

According to medgadget