After years of development, we came up with Mighty Mug, the world's only mug powered by our patented Smartgrip Technology. When you knock into other mugs they fall over and spill on your computer, papers, phone, pants and basically ruin your day. Mighty Mug is different as it grips to your desk when knocked into, but lifts naturally like any other mug.



The magic is in Mighty Mug's patented Smartgrip base. Mighty Mug creates a super powerful airlock once placed down, but automatically releases when you need a sip.There are no buttons to push or levers to pull to get Mighty Mug to work. Mighty Mug is not a suction cup nor is it a magnet, but rather something entirely new. Mighty Mug will grip to any smooth, flat, solid surface like most desks and tables.



The most amazing part about Mighty Mug is that when you go in for a sip it lifts 100% naturally. Grips when hit but lifts when you need a sip.  We are a team of mechanical engineers and industrial designers who have spent the last 3 years developing Mighty Mug and it's patented Smartgrip technology. We hope that you love Mighty Mug and it's innovative solution.



Mighty Mug Go Stainless Steel  is a double walled vacuum insulated mug that keeps your beverage hot for 6+ hours cold for 14+. Like all Mighty Mugs, it is powered by our patented Smartgrip technology which allows it to grip when knocked into. $35

Mighty Mug Solo is our 11 & 12 oz Mighty Mug. We created this model for people who want a Mighty Mug that fits under their single serve coffee maker. Available in Black or Red plastic or in an awesome Stainless Steel model. Stainless Steel model is double walled vacuum insulated and stays hot for 4+ hours, cold for 14+ hours. Like all of our Mighty Mugs, these are BPA Free and powered by our amazing Smartgrip technology.  $20

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