We’re devoted to using the latest in health monitoring technology to help people managing their health in an enjoyable way. All of our products are designed using the medical grade materials and technology. Using the Comper Health App, we also provide the tools to make tracking and understanding your family’s health as easy as possible. With the information that the Health App paired with our monitoring tools provides, you can make informed decisions about every aspect of your family’s health.



The body temperature is one of the most important vital signs for people monitoring their health issues or diseases conditions related with cancer, immune system, endocrine system and common infections, it is also the base, which physicians to diagnose.



The Comper smart forehead thermometer is designed to make taking a body temperature as easy as possible. It's always on standby for your measurement. Slightly press on the button for wakeup and immediately press again for reading that can be done within a second. Every detail of its design has been thought through, from its simple and rugged design to its easy to use controls. Each measurement is highly accurate, with only 0.2℃ margin of error.

Comper Health App visualizes the body temperature ranges, trends and the moments of reading and allows people to utilize their body data in various scenarios of their daily life. It’s not designed just for reading and recording the body data, it plays a major role as your smart assistant in the days you are not well.





When connected to the Comper Health App, it’s possible to track any number of individual’s temperature measurements, making it suitable for any family, from large to small. It is even suitable for use by medical professionals so that each client or patient can be tracked and managed individually. The app combines temperature information from the Thermometer with body type and composition, weight, and exercise frequency to build a fitness model for each person. The thermometer will take into account the user's age and their expected temperature when tracking data, whether they are a newborn, baby, toddler, child, adolescent, or adult. Readings can also be easily shared with your doctor or medical professional.



The design incorporates developmental psychology, taking into account the feelings of parents and the baby. It avoids the use of the traditional gun-type (vertical) operation. The best part about it is its ability to make the temperature measurement process thoroughly amicable and caring.

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