Looking quite a bit like the Pininfarina Evoluzione electric bike, the Calamus has transceivers in its rear end that emit ultrasound signals to the back and off to either side. If those signals are reflected back by an encroaching car in another lane, the rider is notified via a vibrating motor in the handlebars on the relevant side.

Cyclists looking to add similar functionality to their existing bike might want to check out Garmin's Varia Radar unit, which warns riders of cars closing in from directly behind.



The Calamus One does also sport some other "smart" features, although they're not necessarily exclusive to it. These include a weatherproof touchscreen control panel with built-in Google Maps navigation; turn indicators at the ends of the handlebars; a fingerprint scanner for locking and unlocking the drive system; a GPS chip that allows the bike to be tracked if stolen; and a security system that both sounds an alarm and notifies the rider via an app, if the unattended bike is messed with.

Some of its more regular-bike-like features include Shimano hydraulic disc brakes; internal cable routing; a Gates carbon belt drive; a 500-lumen lighting system that comes on automatically; a unibody anodized aircraft aluminum frame; anti-theft component-attachment bolts; plus a suspension fork head and seat post. Gear-shifting is handled electronically, via either a Shimano Nexus 8 or Rohloff e-14 rear hub transmission.



The bike is actually being made in three models – the One-25, One-50 and One-75. They feature either a 250-, 500- or 750-watt Bafang mid-drive motor, respectively. Power is provided by a removable lithium battery, with a 3-hour charge reportedly being good for an electrically-assisted range of either 50 or 60 miles (80 or 100 km), depending on the model. The top assisted speed is likewise either 15.5 or 20 mph (25 or 32 km/h).

Total weight – with battery – ranges from 21 to 23.7 kg (46 to 52 lb).



Should you be interested, the Calamus One is presently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. A pledge of US$1,997 will get you a One-25 (when and if it reaches production), with $2,298 required for either the One-50 or One-75. The planned retail prices are $3,220 and $3,820, respectively.

According to newatlas