Most lounge chairs are difficult to move and take up so much of your home’s space. Whenever you want to enjoy the sun or catch up on your reading, they flip over and move if you lean on them the wrong way.

If you live in an apartment or have a crowded balcony you can have similar issues as well. Constantly having to maneuver large bulky patio furniture on and off of the balcony based on the weather is a hassle that no one wants to deal with. Stop wasting time and energy!



With the Sofi Folding Lounger you can finally have a modern, space saving, and stress free solution to that old furniture problem. The Sofi Folding Loungers ergonomic shape adds to its unique construction. Using tension ropes with anchors attached, the Sofi Folding Lounge can be mounted quickly when you need it and rolls up easily when you don’t!

The mounting is quite simple: Remove Sofi Folding Lounger from the handy carrying case, roll out the lounger in front of you, fold up the left and right side, fix the sides with the both lashing straps and flip it over. Throw on the cushions and you are ready to relax!



Sofi Folding Lounger is light enough for anyone to move and can be set up within a few minutes. The sleek and elegant easy to construct design of Sofi Folding Lounger add a Modern touch to any home. Relax in style and Comfort with the Sofie Lounger!

Designed by a master carpenter, The Sofi Folding Lounger is expertly crafted from high quality polished birchwood. An extremely hard wearing PVC-truck tarpaulin gives the Sofi Folding Lounger a unique naturalness that makes it especially resistant to environmental influences. The Sofi Folding Lounger is also enhanced with durable UV protected material that prevents sun and weather damage.



The Sofi Folding Lounger is the perfect solution to getting the most out of sunny days! The easy to carry and fast set up of Sofi Folding Lounger is made simple by its one-of-a-kind ergonomic design that goes with you anywhere and everywhere. Don't miss those days at the park soaking up the sun with friends because your furniture doesn't come with you! Don't keep yourself inside all day because your patio furniture just isn't comfortable! With Sofi Folding Lounger you can have a comfortable and cushioned piece of furniture that is stylish in and out of your house! Take back your sunny days with Sofi Folding Lounger!

The Sofi Lounger is made from specially polished birchwood that is soft, safe and durable. It is light enough for anyone to be able to move, fold, and roll. This gives the Sofi Folding Lounger an incredible set time of under 2 minutes! The design coupled with the beautiful polished birchwood and weather resistant Decor Nubuk futon topper adds a beautiful and comfortable touch to any home, patio, or balcony!

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