We were able to take all of our amazing customer's feedback over the last two years and significantly refine, redesign & reengineer the perfect IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light.



Since our first successful Kickstarter campaign two years ago, we have since been featured on ABC's Shark Tank & made a deal with Kevin O'Leary! Kevin is an amazing partner and he has helped take IllumiBowl to new heights.





This isn't our first rodeo anymore. We learned an incredible amount after successfully fulfilling our first IllumiBowl Kickstarter from two years ago. There are many variables when dealing with overseas manufacturers that we have been able to learn. We have been able to stream-line production & cut down risk significantly over the last two years.





We have confirmed samples of the new IllumiBowl and are confident in the abilities of our now tried and tested manufacturers. There can always be delays with factories & ports due to unforeseen storms, strikes & political variables but we have done everything to mitigate these risks and we are extremely confident in our ability to give all of our backers the best IllumiBowl experience ever.

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