We travel all the time. In fact, 4 Billion people travel on airplane every year. Whether it’s a business trip, a long-planned family trip, or a weekend getaway, most of us needs to pack. 

Packing is a boring, time-consuming task. We all have better things to do than planning what to bring and folding everything carefully into a small bag only to be unpacked again.



Added to the inconvenience is the concern that our stuff will not get there safely. Many of us have been there. Whether it’s a broken sunglasses or a spilled shampoo bottle, it can spoil the whole trip and makes us regret not putting more care into packing.   



Did you know that 20 million luggages are lost every year? No one knows how many more are mistreated. We’ve heard horror stories of how our bags are thrown around, dragged and shoved into cargo. We see battle scars on our luggages.





This practice can take a lot of time, especially when you have 10 different bottles of lotions and perfumes that is somehow all essential. Some take 2 hours just to pack. My girlfriend did and we missed our flight to Belgium.  Some just grab everything they need and shove it all into the bag. I know I did, and it costed me my good camera lens.



Wouldn’t it be better if we can choose any bag we want, fill it up with everything we need, and never have to worry about anything again? No spill, no broken glass, no wrinkled cloths. PaQ lets you do exactly that, and more….

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