While Elon Musk is busy looking underground for the next generation of mass transit possibilities, an innovated architecture and construction firm has another idea altogether.

The Turkish group Dahir Insaat is putting forward a wild idea for transporting thousands of people at one time, quickly and through an energy efficient means. Basically, they are proposing a flying train.



It might seem a little outlandish – and to be clear this isn’t so much an actual proposal as it is a cool idea the firm had and wants to develop further that would be within the realms of reality, barely – but the concept does have some merits.

To begin with, the flying train would feature several propellers or jet engines that would lift it up and propel it forward. Each “train” would, potentially, be able to hold up to 2,000 in comfort, and future generations could possibly do even better. The train would then carry the passengers to their location at roughly 310 mph, making it faster than the fastest high-speed trains in the world.



While that basically describes a massive jumbo plane, part of what sets this idea apart is the tether that would both connect the flying train to the ground and receive all the power it needs from it. It isn’t clear where that power would come from – possibly a local city power grid, or an independent source like solar powers or wind farms – but the energy would potentially make the system eco-friendly. At least it wouldn’t be using jet fuel.



Again, this is just a concept at the moment, and there are a lot of lingering questions – like how would a giant flying train handle in inclement weather and what kind of infrastructure this need to operate – but Dahir Insaat is working to further develop this idea and is seeking investors for a potential prototype. Check out the video below, and remember its motto, “Flying and riding high!”

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