But the neatest thing of all is that the camp stove has a built-in thermoelectric generator! This means that the heat of the fire that would otherwise be wasted can be turned into electricity. Anything that can be charged via USB, such a smartphone or camera, can be plugged in and charged by fire. Once the battery is charged and the fire is out, you can furthermore remove the battery and use it as a power bank. How clever is that?



Besides, do you find that the fire gives off too little working light when you want to prepare your food? Turn on the accompanying Flexlight lamp that connects to the CampStove’s USB outlet! The lamp is bendable, can be dimmed seamlessly and it can light up your area with 100 lumen!





BioLite CampStove 2 is the camp stove for anyone who wants to live it up while being out in the great outdoors! Moreover, CampStove 2 generates 50% more electric current than its predecessor, BioLite CampStove!

According to coolstuff