One of them is the Breathing Band and the Nanit Swaddle. The idea is to make it easier for parents to know if their baby is having a good sleep in its cradle and in order to fully utilize the product, you have to pair it up with the Nanit Plus smart HD baby camera.



Mounted on top of the cradle, it provides a bird’s eye view of the baby to ensure its safety. Instead of focusing on the movements, the Nanit Breathing Wear is all about keeping track of baby’s breath and sleeping pattern. It doesn’t have to be in contact with the skin yet is made of breathable, safe material.





The Nanit app sends real-time alerts if the baby stops breathing so that you could immediately check it out. It is available in different sizes up to 24 months and made of 100 percent cotton material. The breathing wear products start at $25 but you might have to buy the entire bundle to make the best use of it. Now you can put this device to work and take some good rest!

According to coolthings