It's made life easier for a lot of us and that's something to be grateful for. But all this new technology is expanding at an incredible rate; a rate faster than most security measures can keep up with. Take your smartphone for example. If you're anything like me, your smartphone goes with you everywhere and it's rarely more than five feet away at any given moment. Great, right? You're always connected.

Unless someone is always connected to you …



Think about it. You have two cameras, microphones, a near constant internet connection. It's a hacker's dream target. And they DO target it. Over 846 million smartphone devices are exposed to potential malware every day. Every day.

At some point, you're going to get targeted. Maybe it'll miss, maybe it won't. But staying ahead of technology and the latest security measures can be exhausting, even for the professionals. So what on earth are you supposed to do?

For starters, you should be looking hard at SMARTCASE. SMARTCASE was designed to do one thing: protect your phone from security breaches. SMARTCASE allows for calls, FaceTime, and messages to go through without an issue but blocks any external recording. This allows you to safely place your phone on the table and carry on a conversation without worrying about someone listening in to your most private moments.



SMARTCASE also wants to protect you in those vulnerable moments, like when you get out of the shower and grab your phone before you grab your towel. What if someone is on the other end, accessing your camera without your knowledge? SMARTCASE has camera covers that block all camera usage when you don't want it to.

SMARTCASE uses its own power source to protect against hacking and won't drain your phone battery. It will keep your phone secured whenever and however it needs to. So even if you do end up getting targeted and hacked, they won't be able to pry into your personal life.



Don't be like one of the 846 million devices getting exposed to malware every single day. Grab a SMARTCASE while it's on Kickstarter and get your device protected before anyone else. Peace of mind in the digital age can be a rare thing … But SMARTCASE just made your life a little safer.

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