Designed to spare your back and shoulders, the contraption will hold your log in place while keeping it right beneath the blade, ensuring it hits the wood in the same exact spot every single time. That’s right, there’s zero chance of the blade ever missing the target, making this extremely efficient while being perfectly safe.



The Logosol Smart Splitter consists of a post that you’re supposed to secure to whatever surface you’re splitting logs on. They recommend, of course, using a wood trunk, drilling a hole several inches deep about an inch near an edge, and inserting the pole inside it, although any hard flat surface (as in, hard enough to survive contact with a falling blade) where you can find a way to secure the pole should work just fine.



A tube running down the length of the pole is attached to two blades: a large one for splitting logs and a smaller one for chopping kindling, while a second pole at the top of the blade holds a metal weight along its length. The idea is to set the wood down under whichever blade you’re using, lift the integrated weight as high as you can, and push it back down into the blade (if you don’t want to expend any energy, you can also just let the weight go). According to the outfit, the weight allows the blade to strike the wood with a force of up to 14 metric tons right at the edge, allowing it to split wood with an efficiency comparable to swinging a big axe down. Based on the demo video below, it can effectively split a log in two strikes with very little effort, so it’s about as efficient as a log-splitting tool gets.

The Logosol Smart Splitter can chop any piece of wood up to 21.6 inches in length, although they recommend using it with logs no more than 15.7 inches to give the weight a fair amount of room to drop. The striking weight, by the way, weighs just under eight pounds, so it’s light enough even for a child to lift up, in case your kids want to help out and make some of the kindling.

The cutting tool can be kept right on whatever surface you installed it on, so there’s no need to stash it anywhere around the house – just make sure to cover it, so it’s not at the complete mercy of the elements. In case you’d rather put it away, though, it’s compact enough that it should easily fit into any shelf  or cabinet, ensuring you won’t have any trouble finding suitable storage.

According to coolthings