The luxury LED material of FABRIKK Vela will help you to find your things at night. This awesome bag is inspired by the new tech material, especially the internal lining material. This internal lining material will glow once you open the bag. FABRIKK Vela is also designed with functional and simplistic style to support your fashion. This bag is perfect to be worn over the shoulder or across your body.



FABRIKK Vela has a cool internal LED fiber-optic illuminating lining complete with the zipped to the battery pack. This bag is also designed with the illuminated zipped internal pocket and the credit card slips. The cork leather on the straps and body is a vegan-friendly.

FABRIKK Vela has 2 X of detachable straps with zipped front outside pocket. The flap is designed with a turn-lock closure and also the automatic switch feature. With the brushed metal hardware and the YKK Natulon zips, you can recycle it easily.



FABRIKK Vela is kind of a simple bag. It is designed well with 25 cm in height, 28 cm in width, and 10 cm in the depth. The strap handle drop can be adjustable between 105 cm to 122 cm. WIth this perfect dimension, this bag can be used easily for any important events.



The standard LED attachment of FABRIKK Vela is white. This bag is powered by the 3 X AAA battery pack. Other LED attachment comes in different colors like green, blue, and red. Those colors are available on the official FABRIKK Vela store.

According to designlisticle