On February 4th, Smartknow automatic induction toothpaste machine + intelligent germicidal brushing cup opened crowdfunding in Xiaomi, the former is 89 yuan, the latter is 69 yuan, the collective package is 99 yuan, interested friends can pay attention.



Ultraviolet is the natural enemy of bacteria, it can destroy the DNA and RNA, of viruses and bacteria, and can quickly kill coronaviruses, bacterial vegetative forms, spores, mycobacteria, fungi, chlamydia and so on. The set uses ultraviolet UVC physical sterilization, which will be sterilized automatically after squeezing toothpaste and brushing teeth to protect the health of the family.  



The automatic induction toothbrush machine uses an infrared sensor, which can automatically squeeze out the toothpaste and sterilize the toothpaste and brush head with ultraviolet UVC at the same time.



Toothpaste machine supports placement and hanging two kinds of use, with hanging wall bracket and 3M back glue, nail-free and drill-free, one paste and one hanging, ready to use, strong no trace, firm without hurting the wall, wet water is not loose. When squeezing toothpaste, after each extrusion of toothpaste, the pipeline will be automatically sealed, toothpaste will not come into contact with the air, not only put an end to secondary pollution, but also avoid pipe blockage and so on.

According to gearbest