The AirDresser promises to "reimagine clothing care" by refreshing and sanitizing your clothes without needing to wash them. It starts by using what Samsung calls Jet Air and Air Hangers, which shake and blow air at the clothes to loosen up any dust stuck on them. Then, JetSteam technology removes viruses, bacteria, and more. Specifically, Samsung says the AirDresser can remove 99.9% of four kinds of viruses (influenza, adenovirus, corona virus, and herpesvirus), 100% of house mites, 99% of gases that cause odor, such as those from sweat or food, and 99% of harmful substances like Perchloroethylene. However, there are different kinds of care courses that achieve different results.

The AirDresser can also dry your clothes with Heatpump Drying, which dries out clothes at a low temperature to prevent shrinking. It can also take care of wrinkles in your clothing through a combination of steam and air to relax the pieces. The AirDresser can even help protect clothes outside of the unit, since it can dehumidify the air around it. Thanks to all of that, Samsung says the AirDresser will help your clothes looking their best for longer, since it reduces the need for a full wash.

The AirDresser can also clean itself with a Self Clean feature. It doesn't require any detergents or other products, and the dresser cleans itself pretty much the same way it cleans your clothes – by using heat, steam, and air. It will also let users know when it needs to be cleaned, once every 40 cycles.

The Samsung AirDresser is available in a number of markets, including the UK and Russia. According to Samsung's UK website, you can get it from Currys PC World, but you'll need to visit a physical location, since the website doesn't appear to have it listed yet. Samsung itself also doesn't provide a price for it at the time of writing.

According to neowin