Hoovers can scratch and damage hardwood floors so simply sweep any dust and crumbs into the mouth of the vacuum and hit the button to clear it in seconds. Its that easy!This handy appliance requires no setup and is conveniently hidden under your units and its always instantly available.



Simply brush your crumbs to the side with the new Sweepovac. This extremely handy kitchen vacuum sits under your units within your plinth and only kicks into action when you tap the kick switch to hoover up any loose crumbs you have brushed over to the unit.





The vacuum comes with a 2 year guarantee and everything is included to install the unit including the plug and the dust bags will last around 3 – 4 months on average.

5 bags are included with every vacuum and we will be stocking replacement bags shortly. Please read all the features below and scroll down for dimensions.

Everything is included to install the unit including the plug.

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