MemoNote allows you to preserve your thoughts instantly with its innovative dual writing mode. You can jot down ideas on the LCD writing tablet on the left and organize them on the paper on the right.

MemoNote is more than just a notebook. It simply gives you a passionate and creative experience with all its special features. 



The 10.2 inch LCD Writing Tablet interface enables you to draw creative sketches, take unlimited notes, and it is your perfect tool for efficient communication. You can easily unleash your crazy ideas and nature by doodling with it. You can also translate and record your ideas in writing or sketches and share with others. You can make a to-do-list on MemoNote and start to organize your schedule right away!.



In addition, MemoNote’s paper notebook helps preserve treasured memories, daily activities and can also serve as a travel journal.

MemoNote was professionally developed and designed by writing enthusiasts and paper and pen experts. After a thorough research and series of analysis, we were able to come up with a special feature that makes writing on the digital screen feel the same as writing directly on the paper. With the aid of the stylus pen, you can write fluidly on the LCD writing screen and highlight texts easily. This superior technology enables you to write smoothly without any lag or disruption. Also, the LCD writing screen is gentle on the eyes.



You can endlessly use the tablet without running out of storage. It is perfect as a scratch & sketch paper. No matter taking a phone number in emergency or just doodling, using your tablet to spread your mind and save paper.  You can delete anything with a simple press on Del button.



Memonote has an integrated light which can be switched on and off in just a jiffy. Whether you are on a night flight or in a dim living room, you can proceed with reading and writing under its moderate light without distracting others.

MemoNote features a built-in 7000mAh power bank that can charge iPhone XS Max 2 times, iPhone XS 2.5 times, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 2 times, and also provide power for the lock and light. The power bank is slim and hidden just behind the E-writer tablet, keeping the entire footprint of the MemoNote compact.

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