The AirLock's design allows you to lock your ride like a traditional cable lock. And AirLock's innovative design allows you to pump your tire using the same device because the locking bolt is also the pumping cylinder. 

Edellocks will offer both Schrader and Presta valve versions of its Airlock. The Airlock’s simple innovative design is easy to use by cyclists of all ages. Now there's no need to carry around two devices instead of just one.  

The U.S. Patent Office has already awarded multiple patents to AirLock's novel features. With the Airlock, you won’t need to kneel down and struggle with a small pump. Its long cable allows you to stand and pump your tire. And the Airlock's lightweight and durable design will allow you to focus on your ride – not what's in your bag.

Like traditional cable locks, the AirLock includes a braided steel cable that wraps around your frame. For added safety, the AirLock's braided steel cable is thicker than those used by Kryptonite, Master Lock, and others. The AirLock comes with a 30" cable that is long enough to get the job done, yet easy to store and carry.

Each AirLock reward includes one AirLock with a 30" cable and a set of keys. Backers can choose an AirLock for Schrader valves or an AirLock for Presta valves.

The AirLock includes a 3.5" aluminum pump and steel locking components. It also includes durable vinyl tubing with a 6/16" diameter enclosing a 1/4" steel cable. The initial offering uses black ABS plastic for a tough, sleek look.  

According to kickstarter.