Narwal is the world’s first robot mop & vacuum featuring innovative self-cleaning technology. With Narwal, you could have all the floor cleaning done without lifting a finger. 

With groundbreaking self-cleaning technology, Narwal signals the start of a new era of fully automatic robot cleaner, where you can enjoy a truly hands-free floor cleaning experience.

For years of evolution, floor cleaning with the robot still remains little more than a semi-automatic routine for us. The laborious manual works have only increased the time we spend doing cleaning and made the task more stressful. 

While other robot mops have a small water reservoir plus a cloth that requires frequent removal for cleaning, our unique mop system features self-cleaning technology so you never have a dirty mop. The robot will wash, rinse and dry the mops automatically.

The base station has two-bucket system which separates waste water from clean water and includes a built-in pump to spray the water to the mops and a washboard to clean the mop. The full tank of 5L can cover a sizable space up to 2,150 ft² in 3 hours. 

The robot returns to the base station automatically when needed, where its mops get sprayed, scraped and squeezed on the washboard. And then it goes back to where it left off and continues mopping. The rinse water will be pumped into the waste water tank.   

A wet mop will breed bacteria! Not gonna to happen to Narwal! The ventilation system helps to dry up the mop when the mopping is done to prevent the damp and bacterium.

With the technical background of DJI, Narwal boasts its smart mapping and navigation which allows the robot to adapt any environment to clean the room properly with ease. Narwal can learn the environment and figure out an optimized cleaning routine instead of aimlessly spinning around. The technologies of Lidar Navigation and the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) literally make Narwal smarter than ever. 

With the Narwal Robotics APP, you can adjust cleaning settings, customize the cleaning strategy, and monitor the cleaning status and more no matter where you are. With the mapping, you can define no-go zones to build virtual barriers for mopping or vacuuming as you wish through the APP. No-go zones can be stored for all future auto scheduled runs. 

What makes a robot cleaner robotic is the precision of the navigation sensors. With multiple smart sensors, the robot avoids obstacles with ease and tackles tough terrain effortlessly. 

When it knocks into something, its bumper retracts and the sensors tell the robot to find a clear path. The cliff sensors help the robot sense the edges and avoid it falling from heights. The wall sensors let the robot follow very closely along walls and around objects without touching them.  Narwal recognizes the carpet with the virtual walls around, which is the no-go zone preset via the App. 

Narwal delivers effective cleaning with a low noise output. It’s ideal for late-night cleaning or anyone who likes a bit of quiet time.

After a constant effort of 3 years, we have finally brought the idea of Narwal to life. Check out the Unboxing, Operation Guide and App demo videos below to take a closer look at Narwal.

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