Most of us understand the struggle of keeping up with aching feet, especially if we spent the better part of the night dancing. We, therefore, cant wait to kick them off at the end of the night.; but admittedly, bare feet on a dirty dance floor or street isn’t ideal. Thanks to a Miami based couple, Monika Trojanowska and Joel Bijlmer, this won’t be a problem for long. Through their innovation, Aftersock – protective socks, with a reinforced sole, which can be slipped on after dancing in heels.

Monika admits that she came up with the idea after a night out clubbing in Miami left her feet very sore. However, she wasn’t ready to walk home barefooted since she wasn’t so sure the streets were safe. The next day the couple started developing the socks – Once they go on sale a pack of three will be available for £14.

The socks are designed to be slipped on straight after a night out – so instead of walking barefoot to get your fried chicken, you’ll be protecting your feet while relieving yourself of the much-undesired soreness.

Made with after sole technology and PVC for extra cushioning and protection against sharp objects like glass that can be encountered on the streets. The socks can also be rolled up in a small ball to easily fit in a handbag or purse. Stylish made – they come in black, silver and gold, while they also cater for all sizes-small, medium and large.

The couple wrote on their Kickstarter website: ‘Wear the uncomfy shoes and then walk around barefoot, or wear something sensible… and boring.  ‘It has long been a dilemma that many have faced, but for which none have found a satisfactory solution… until now. ‘Now you have the opportunity to solve this age-old problem with a groundbreaking new creation that will surely have your toes twinkling with delight.

‘Aftersocks is an elegant solution to a problem that most women face.’ 

According to waterballoon