The Revolve is a full-size 26-inch spoked wheel that can be folded to a third its diameter and 60 percent less space, and back again in an instant, and its commercial availability will offer new design possibilities for folding bicycles, folding wheelchairs and many other vehicles that need to be transported in compact form.

The modular Revolve 26-inch folding wheel was announced this week by German designer Andrea Mocellin, immediately threatening to become a disruptive force in the area of folding mobility. What Mocellin has achieved with his folding wheel has eluded designers since the idea of folding bicycles and wheelchairs was first conceived.



The problem which Mocellin's wheel overcomes, is that folding bicycles until now have had to use smaller wheels to be able to fold to a small enough size for carrying – most folding bike manufacturers use 16- or 20-inch wheels. The Revolve can offer full size 26-inch wheels that fold to less than one third their height.



"It has been three years of complete immersion in the project," Mocellin told New Atlas. "The patented design was reached after several hundred 3D models and dozens of physical prototypes as I attempted to get the most accurate and efficient folding mechanism."



Andrea has lived in Shanghai, New York and several major European cities, and routinely travels with a folding bicycle, experiencing the airports of the world's great cities, and most importantly, having commuted on the trains, roads, and bike paths of those cities.

According to newatlas