We love our dogs like babies. They are our kids that never grow up and occasionally drive us crazy. Science can explain this, but that doesn’t change the fact that your dog can seem like a real SoB sometimes!

Your dog ‘misbehaves’ as it learns to live in your ever-changing world that is completely random to it. Sometimes you fail to keep your dog safe, your stuff safe from your dog, and your dog does things that worry, annoy or embarrass you. When that happens you feel fear, frustration, anger, and guilt, followed by doubt in your ability to care for the dog you love.



Why do we feel like we fail in our job as pet parents sometimes? Because that real bond we have with our dogs makes us feel like they see what we see and think like we think. Unless you are an experienced dog trainer or the lucky savant, it is impossible to constantly remember that you can’t teach your dog like a child, especially at the times we need to remember most. This is the root cause of all our dog ‘misbehavior’ problems. Chord fixes that.





Forget most of what you know about training your dog. Dominance hierarchies, leading by fear and punishment, and almost everything we see on TV is out of step with modern science. The great news is that research shows the most effective method for training your dog is also the method that will make you and your dog most happy. Dogs learn best when they are happy and confident, which comes from positive rewards-based training. Chord guides you through this training and is always tracking to keep you consistent and confident.

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