We are the same team that brought our first two ZeroHour flashlight projects to Kickstarter, rewarding over 1,800 backers and many more satisfied buyers after our retail launches. Backers, media, and consumers love us because we know how to reinvent products, and we stand by our work with lifetime warranties.



While we continue to expand our line of successful flashlights, we thought, hey, what else do we need in our everyday carry pack? And how can we give it our modern ZeroHour look and premium quality feel in your hands?



A ZeroHour tactical pen has to be made with the best materials, which is why we returned to our cherished 6061 Aircraft Aluminum for the body and gave it a cool black matte finish.These materials, along with an ergonomic grip and balanced weight distribution, make APEX feel extremely smooth and light in the hand, while still giving your tactical pen nearly indestructible strength.



APEX is a true pen of ice and fire: both alloys are guaranteed to make it through the toughest conditions, and we’ve given our prototypes the beating to prove it. The form of a pen is pretty much a given – tube, click or cap, ink reservoir – but APEX explodes the standard with a rugged, ventilated body that reveals the unique brass cartridge locked and loaded inside.



APEX's brass ink cartridge is none other than the patented Fisher Space Pen refill (Medium Black PR4). Nitrogen-pressurized and sealed, with a tungsten carbide ball and stainless steel point, the Fisher cartridge can write in zero gravity, underwater, upside down, over wet and greasy paper, at any angle, and from -30 °F to 250 °F!

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