We receive plenty of packages here at New Atlas, and sometimes we're so eager to dive into whatever new gadget awaits inside the cubed cardboard walls, we mangle said box open (or at least try) with whatever semi-sharp implement happens to be at arm's length — sometimes a plastic fork from lunch, often a car key, rarely particularly effective. For that reason alone, the Microblade Pill could easily earn a proud place on our keychains, assuming it works.



While any knife could perform the simple tasks expected of the Microblade Pill, this new blade is for those that don't want their pockets sagging with bulky EDC (Every Day Carry). The new mini-tool is about as small and simple as a gadget can get, a metal capsule holding a stubby blade set at a 35-degree bevel angle.



The blade itself is CNC-machined from hardened stainless steel rod, and the cap is machined from buyer's choice of stainless steel, brass or copper, giving it a solid or dual-tone look. A stainless steel spring secures the cap in place, ensuring the owner doesn't lose it in a pocket and inadvertently puncture a thigh.

The included carabiner ring features a quick-clipping closure that easily secures to and removes from keychains and other carry solutions. The ring also serves to improve grip and leverage on the tiny cutter during use.



Microcarry launched a Microblade Pill Kickstarter campaign in mid-July and has blown many times past its initial £5,000 (approx. US$6,100) goal, with two weeks left to go. A pledge level of £20 ($24) gets you a single Pill (assuming all goes according to plan), and prices per piece go down if you pledge for 2+ units. Regular retail price is estimated at £29 ($35).



In addition to the uses we've already mentioned, Microcarry shows the Pill cutting open plastic wrap, prying off a paint can lid, scratching a lottery ticket and cutting some twine. We're sure buyers will find many other uses for it. Check out the short video below to see some quick clips of it in action.

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