The type of book varies from children’s picture books, exam papers, magazine to any other materials with English texts.  The device a doesn’t actually translate the entire texts on the book but any word you point with the finger will be translated and the meaning relayed on the smartphone app. The app even provides the word pronunciation. The efficiency of the app isn’t affected by the font type, line spacing, and typesetting format.



The device is ultra-lightweight, at just 190g and has a dimension of 34x34x1.62mm when not in use. The head is extendable in order to prop up the camera when it is to be used. Despite the size, it crams a big 2600mAh battery under the hood. The device also comes with vacuum stabilizer which helps keep it stable despite the narrow frame. It is powered by an Intel AI chip.



The device is presently up for crowdfunding on Xiaomi Youpin for 399 yuan ($59). It is expected to start shipping on May 23.

According to gizmochina