Ministry spokesman Ross Soveacha told Khmer Times this assistance is provided to families identified by authorities as vulnerable, have poor family identification cards (IDPoor) and have children who enroll in schools sponsored by the World Food Program (WFP) and Education Ministry.

He said good nutrition contributes to improving the quality of learning and teaching and improves the quality of life. Thus, Ministry welcomes and thanks the cooperation of all stakeholders to improve the nutrition and academic health of students through various means.

World Food Program (WFP) Representative in Cambodia Claire Conan said the WFP and Ministry contributions complement the government’s social protection assistance, which has expanded its reach in recent months.

This is the fourth round of food distribution aimed at reducing the impact of Covid-19 on vulnerable household economies.

Food distribution was conducted through a network of schools with the support of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports, school administrations, village, commune authorities and NGO partners. The rations include 25kg of rice, canned fish and vegetable oil.

According to WFP, this is part of their school feeding programme for which they have collaborated with the ministry for more than two decades. Take Home Ration is a programme where they provide food to the school children of poor families in targeted schools in the five provinces where their school feeding programmes operate.

In addition, this is done to help lessen the burden of the families during the Covid-19 pandemic and contributes to ensure kids still have adequate food at home even if they may miss school meals.

Since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak and related school closures, children have missed out on nutritious cooked breakfasts. This has particularly impacted children from the poorest families, many of whom have also suffered from loss of income and livelihoods.

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