Main ingredients of Com Tam is broken rice, which is steamed before being served. This kind of steamed rice is smaller than normal steamed rice so that it’s comfortable to eat.

Toppings of Broken Rice dishes are grilled pork chop, Vietnamese pork and egg pie, thinly shredded pork skin mixed with toasted rice powder and fried egg. Some people don’t want to eat all of them with their Com Tam dish but only one or two main toppings. Must ingredients are mix of chopped green onion and oil making Com Tam have special smell, sliced cucumber, pickled carrot and white radish making it easier to eat. A small bowl of soup with white radish, carrot and chopped green onion and sweet and sour fish sauce dip are also served with a plate of steamed broken rice and toppings. When you enjoy a Com Tam dish, you will feel  something very Vietnamese. It’s really a perfect mix to make an amazing food that wins not only locals but visitors’s heart.


Grilled pork chop is popular around the world and it taste differently in each country. We marinate the pork chop with soy sauce, honey, oyster oil, chicken oil, sesame oil, fish sauce, small onion, garlic, black pepper, lemon grass, butter, coconut cream and orange juice. The marinated pork chop is grilled on char coal and the cook must stand and take care the chop until it’s ready.

Vietnamese pork and egg pie to eat with is a secret receipt of Vietnamese people. This pork pie is made from pork, wood ear mushroom, jicama and egg. Pork is ground, mushroom and jicama are shredded before being mixed with egg. Then the mix is steamed until it’s well-done, egg yolk is poured into the mold to make the orange layer on the pie. The cook will cut the pie into small pieces to serve with Broken Rice.

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