This is one of traditional cake in Vietnam, made from rice flour, with shrimp on the top, this cake is fried and all rolled together with some special vegetable, accompanied with sauce. If you have chance to eat “Bánh Xèo” Vietnam before, I think this nearly same, but this cake is smaller and you can enjoy at least 1 plate per time.



Originated from only some of kind of main dish as : shrimp or squid, nowadays, they make this cake more attractive by diversification one as:  scallops, “chả cá” – fish ball, pork, green beans or special one for vegetarian, or better you should order one mixed plate with all of them.





This cake has batty flavor by the combination of coconut milk with rice flour, then add some chopped green onion. Then the chef pour it into the small mold which on the stove, and few second when it cooked, they will put on the top with meat or any seafood as you prefer, then wait minutes to enjoy.




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