Although the dish is called Pho, the Pho that is used is not looked like Pho from other places, the fiber is smaller and tougher than the traditional Pho fiber which is big and soft. Dipping Pho  fiber seems to be simple; however, it has its own secret. It must be medium dipping in boiling water, tough enough without being broken or sticky so that you may find it easy to mix with hoisin sauce, soya sauce and chilli sauce to have delicious taste.

In addition, the soup from simmered pork and beef bones also plays an important part to have delicious dish. To have the soup fresh and sweet, you have to keep simmering a mix of pork and beef bones for a long time. During this stage, you have to take out bubbles rising to the surface when the soup is boiling.

Other ingredients in the bowl of soup may include some beef balls, some thin sliced beef or chicken, spring onions and herbs, which make the bowl delicious.

Some suggestions for good Dried Pho in Gia Lai are: Hong Store, Ngoc Son Store. The combination of Pho, sweet soya sauce, salads, basils and the tasteful beef/pork is so great that no one can resist. People from the Highlands are proud to introduce this special dish to the people from everywhere; this unique cuisine has conquered the sternest culinary judges and been in top 10 specialities of Asia.

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