It is not difficult to prepare a warm bowl of the porridge. First, boil a whole eel and then let it cool before removing its flesh from the bones. Marinate the meat with some condiments, stir-fry it quickly with oil, chopped onion and garlic, and then pour in some water the eel was boiled in and simmer.



Pour the mixture into a pot of porridge with black beans. After a few minutes of continuous stirring, sprinkle on some pepper for a pot of smoky and flavorful porridge. The eel tastes a little tough and fragrant. The porridge tastes sweet and fatty. The spice from the pepper and flavor from the herbs mixes along with the sourness of the lemon. It’s a first bite you’ll never forget.



Eel can be prepared into delicacies or it can be found in daily meals. Apart from eel porridge, a cook can turn out braised eel with rice patty herb, roasted eel with salt and lemon grass, steamed eel with laksa leaf, noodle soup with eel, and braised eel with lemon grass and chili.



Eel porridge is cool and nourishing food. So, It is also suitable for eating in summer. Eel porridge is good for heath. It’s also a valuable source of protein, Vitamin A and minerals that help to treat diseases related to malnutrition, rheumatism and backaches and pains.

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