Yen Phu Pagoda also called Thanh Van Co Tu. Legend has it from Trung Sisters period and was presided by Phuong Dung who is daughter of Mr.Truong Cong and Ms.Phung Thi Hue. 

At age 16, Phuong Dung has a devotion, decided not to get married, she took her vows at Thanh Van Co Tu pagoda.

The pagoda still preserves many historical and archaeological relics. The old pagoda is located in the lombard field, after the damaged people moved to the Mieu garden as today, the same way is still the tomb of Su Phương.

In addition to worshiping the Buddha, the temple from the past has worship Phuong Dung, the period 1947-1954 communal house was destroyed, so the villager procession of the goddess of worship here, after the last restoration completed in 2011, the temple also worship Quang Trung – Nguyen Hue – 2 Kings of Vietnam.

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