The handicraft was begun from the 16th century. Mr. Duong Khong Lo, De Kieu Commune, Lang Son Province, went into Dien Ban Khai to promote bronze casting and after that he renamed this village into “Phuoc Kieu” Village. From that, bronze casting is still remain and developed until now and so far. Recently, tourism in Vietnam has ranked Phuoc Kieu Bronze Casting Village into one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam.





Until now, bronze casting has been remained for 400 years in Phuoc Kieu village. Phuoc Kieu village includes about 30 families with more than 100 craftsmen. There are plentiful bronze products such as incense burners, lamp holders, and ancient vases. Besides, according Duong Ngoc Sang artist, the village has produce more than 4,000 instruments like gong for many ethnic groups in Vietnam.





Visitors will have chance to take part in making process of bronze good and understand how careful craftsmen are in order to create an product. Enjoy the performance of craftsman with gongs, you will fully feel the special sound of unique instruments. It is said that this sound symbols for the soul of Phuoc Kieu village.



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