On April 30 at April 2 Square, Nha Trang city, Vietnam Book of Records – VietKings claimed new record for “The Vietnam’s first ATC Agarwood Museum”.

The program has three rituals of incense including: Offering incense to heaven and earth, offering incense to the mother country and offering incense of the young generation. Interwoven are art performances elaborately performed by many famous artists and singers, combined with modern sound and lighting effects, to reproduce a vivid, realistic, mystery and spiritual picture about the history of the birth of Khanh Hoa agarwood, the value and significance of incense in religion, or the worship of Mother Thien YA Na – the mother of the country.

The unique feature is also shown on the main stage with the design overlooking the South China Sea, with the symbol of the hands clasped, just like the image of the smoke of incense soaring into the air, as well as the beautiful lotus petals.

Also in the program, the Organizing Committee awarded the certificate of establishing the first record of Agarwood Museum in Vietnam to Mr. Nguyen Van Tuong – Chairman of Khanh Hoa Agarwood Company, and put up at auction of heavy agarwood block (30kg weoght, height 1.3m, 60cm diameter) to invest in Vietnam Young Talent Fund by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc as Honorary Chairman.

According to VietKings (Kyluc.vn)