The event is considered as an opportunity for Nghe An province to promote the image of gastronomic culture to domestic and international friends.

Chef, Jurywoman of Vietnam Chef King Contest – Record holder Phan Phan Tinh Hai


Mr. Ly Sanh, Chairman of Saigon Professional Chef Association, coordinates and guides the program of 50 dishes made from Eel of Nghe region. 


At the International Tourism Gastronomy Culture Festival – Nghe An 2019, visitors have an opportunity to enjoy 50 eel dishes by 25 famous chefs and artisans from across the country.

According to food experts, Nghe An’s eel dishes are not much different than eel dishes in other provinces; what makes the difference is the processing. Eels chosen to prepare dishes are usually fresh-eel, uneven size, and bright yellow. Eels must be processed immediately after being purchased and must be used up the same day, so that the eel meat will remain delicious, sweet, firm and cool.

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