Fingerprint Biometry is a fairly common term that is currently popular by many people, especially parents and HR managers. This is a science that studies the relationship between fingerprints and brain functions , from which to discover a person's strengths and weaknesses, thereby leveraging and promoting strengths and limiting weaknesses. It helps develop yourself perfectly.

Institute of Dermatoglyphic Research (abbreviated as IoDR) is licensed by the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City on March 14, 2019 to conduct scientific research and technological development in the field of birth, biometric fingerprint, at the same time cooperate to develop the field of biometric fingerprints at home and abroad.

Honored to receive the confirmation of record for the first Institute of Dermatoglyphic Research in Vietnam, the Deputy Director of the IoDR Institute – Ms. Vo Thi Hong Nhat shared: “This is a great pride for the Biometric Research Institute Van Tay and all researchers, consultants in Vietnam. The field of Fingerprint Biometric is still new but has taken steps to grow and become more and more accepted by the society. As one of the pioneering and leading organizations, we have the desire and passion to create research works specifically for Vietnamese people. ”

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