Phuong Danh is one of four villages of Dap Da town, An Nhon district. The village is around 300 years old. It manufactured both farming tools and weapons for Tay Son Uprising troops then in late 18th century.

The village has now over 200 forging furnaces, manufacturing various working tools and household utensils such as hoe, shovel, knife, bush-hook, sickle, scythe, axe, hammer, carpentry tools and bricklaying tools, scissors, ploughshare, mouse trap and horse-shoe.

The forging furnaces are highly specialized and have their own secret hereditary know-hows. Each furnace, thus, manufactures certain products. They are so fine that products of other places are pale in comparison with.

Phuong Danh forging products are sold not only within the province but also in the Central Highlands and the southern coastal central provinces of Vietnam. Visiting there, tourists will enjoy a bustling atmosphere with sounds of hammers striking anvils, flickering fires and labour of skilled blacksmiths while making useful products.

Every year, on the 12th day of the second lunar month, Phuong Danh villagers boisterously organize their traditional festival to commemorate the village’s founder Dao Gia Tuong.

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