Here, tourists will have a chance to witness the traditional arts of making pottery, the steps of kneading clay, shaping terracotta pots and ovens.., which have been existed over hundreds of years.

The clay to make these products is taken from the clay mine near Phan River, and then transported to the factory for future use. The art of shaping products using small fixed table still remains up to now. Workers will go around the tables to shape the products according to their desire.

After finishing this step, they use a small curled bamboo stick to trim any unnecessary parts of the products. The fixed products will be dried under the sunlight before being burned in a unique way. Then they will use a special liquid made from "quả thị" (golden apple) to splash onto the hot products right after bringing it out from the oven to make beautiful dark brown spots.


Presently, there are about 40 families in Binh Duc Pottery Village of Bac Binh district. With the policy to expand the pottery villages in Binh Thuan, the number of houshold business shall surely increase in the future to meet the demand of consumers and tourists.

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