Currently, Xuan Lai is also famous for interior handicraft from bamboo such as sofa, rocking chair bookshelf, bamboo house, coffee table, wardrobe… and small items such as glass pad, clothes hanger, and flower vase… especially products with shiny brown black that are not painted are much preferred.



Bamboo furniture and decorates made by the village are combined firmly in terms of structure and beautifully in terms of colors. They are convenient to use. Bamboo are soaked under ponds for several months then covered with straw and clay, put onto the ovens on the ground to be smoked out.





The ovens use straw. They have no fire but only smoke. After being smoked out for four executive days, bamboo becomes lighter, tougher, and resistant to termite and wood eater. It will be used as material to make useful and good looking items.



Currently, Xuan Lai village is being preserved and developed with typical products of high use value and art value such as bamboo pictures, bamboo furniture and bamboo architecture. Products of Xuan Lai village are welcome domestically but also internationally through tours as well as Vietnam and international import – export enterprises.

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