The 33 m long and 12-metre wide main hall features 2 rows of cobblestone mosaics. On top of it are many mosaic bas-reliefs featuring the history of Shakyamuni and the histories of the Lotus Sutras.





Temple grounds (Hoa Long Vien) has a dragon length of 49 m, the dragon enclosure is made of 12,000 beer bottles, and the dragon mouth covers the Maitreya Buddha. In front of the temple grounds is a 37 m high seven-storeyed tower, which is considered the highest temple bell tower in Vietnam.



 In the heart of the Dai Hong Chung tower is a 4.3 m high bell that is considered the heaviest bell in Vietnam; it is also 2.33m wide, and weighs 8,500kg, and was cast in 1999. In front of the temple is Quan The Am. In addition, there is also a gem display, antique chinaware and fine art furniture.



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