At present, in Hoang Xa commune, nearly 300 households still maintain the traditional bamboo-weaving handicraft. For generations, the traditional handicraft in Ba Dong village has developed and become the main source of income for the local people.

Up to now, although many traditional villages are gradually faded, Ba Dong handicraft village slow maintains its development. The bamboo-weaving products are bought by business from other localities because of good quality, and reasonable price. Furthermore, the households invested in computerized machine to save labor, especially some steps of time-consuming such as plucking, splitting …

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Lan, Head of Ba Dong handicraft village said that in the future, in parallel with the development of production, Ba Dong village will become one of the traditional cultural tourism destinations so that the tourists can visit and have a chance to try  the weaving traditional products. It will be a new direction to help Ba Dong village continue to preserve and develop their traditional handicraft.

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