Originated from the earliest Kim Son village is a wilderness, but there has been created for a special privilege is a special tree – as sedge. According to people in the area, the Sedge has been in Kim Son for nearly two centuries. Over a hundred years of sea dyke, the Kim Son people have created immense flats to grow sea grass.

Sea grass has a rice-growing cycle. Seagulls harvest in May, seasons in October (lunar calendar). When the parrot blossomed on the mudflats of the sea, the farmer began to cut the sedge of the field. The process of growing sea grass is like rice: plow, scatter, drain, drainage, sedge, weed, mud, fertilizer. The quality of the planting depends on the proper mixing of fresh water and saltwater. The irrigation system for the cultivation of sedge is as important as rice. Freshly harvested shrimps are cut, dried and brought to the market and then weave into flowers and products from the sedge.

Sea grass is the main material of the weaving mats. For sedge growers, sea grass is attached to the profession, with workers throughout their lives needing labor. “Sedges are not many leaves, many branches / trees put up tops for flowers.” The sedge is the symbol of the sea-encroaching people, following the footsteps of the sea-encroaching people, fall of the salt water, of the sea storm surge.

In the Kim Son land, soft and shining sea grass, acting as a link between the sea and the shore, among hard-working people, healthy with abundant nature. Sea grass is also the link between Kim Son and other regions in the country and around the world, contributing a large part to economic development, culture and tourism. The strength of the sedge industry in Kim Son is the production of essential consumer products. The sedge here is also the “pioneer troops” the sea, conquering nature. The slogan “rice to sedge to sea” is the motto of conquering the natural tens of thousands of people Kim Son.

In order to have an art handicraft product, the technique of planting and producing sedge of Kim Son is quite special. It is a meticulous, precise and accurate process right from the time of planting sedge to the final stage is knitting, weaving and perfecting the sedge.

The most prominent in the products from the sedge of Kim Son is Sea grass mats. Which are a process of creative work, hard, careful from the stage of picking sedge so bright red and durable color, especially the flowering of sedge. Kim Son people live in the village of the sea grass hundreds of years ago so full of the characteristics of a true craftsman a skillful hand, acumen, flexibility, agility and passion for the profession. These qualities help them to meet the demanding requirements of the craft, create the sedge in Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province.


According to VietKings (Kyluc.vn)