Duy Xuyen weaving was followed to establish the business people on the Saigon town from which the Bay Hien weaving village formed today.

Writer Ngoc wrote: "Bay Hien weaving village in the city. HCM entirely by the Quang Nam, in the historical conditions that had to run to find land to do business in the South, self combined together, form a textile industrial park, effective competition with both an economic power in Saigon textile strong Chinese force Cholon … ".

Bay Hien intersection is located in Ward 11, Tan Binh District for decades and is known as the "hometown of Tp weaving. Ho Chi Minh ". Weaving restaurant jobs has led to a large influx of textiles and apparel sellers also outsourcing from land Quang Hien Bay area to make becoming a "Quang miniature".

rom an average production of 16 million meters of fabric / year, after the South was completely liberated 30.04.1975, textile output of Bay Hien weaving village has risen to 35 million meters of fabric / year despite the economic conditions International country still faces many difficulties. Through efficient manufacturing operations, the Bay Hien weaving village has brought more than 75% of GDP for Tan Binh District in the 1980s.

Originally a weavers migrated to the Bay Hien intersection same family since 1971, he Thanh Hung, Head of Culture Ward 11, said: "The time of decades ago, standing at the weaving village close together though, speak nor hear anything because the house always makes air profession always urgently, noisy engine sound. "

Previously, due to traditional and families in Quang Hien weaving village Seven have a prosperous life. Country of innovation, economic development towards industrialization and modernization of the Bay Hien weaving village people also adapt improving machinery, and is looking to capture the tastes of the market to meet the needs of consumers. The fabric jacket, pants, plain fabric, dyed, cotton output has significantly more often. Not only consumed in the inner city, neighboring provinces, textiles Bay Hien also received many orders of cloth merchants in the northern provinces.

Weaving village economic development of many leading to better-off families, they contributed money to build schools, churches, temples, helping the poor … For people in the Bay Hien weaving village, the construction of the social welfare projects and also the preservation of cultural identity and traditions preserve mutual love of Quang.

According to VietKings (Kyluc.vn)