Historically, it is said that the great-grandfather of this career is Mr. Truong Cong Thanh, a military mandarin under Ly period. Designs on mother-of-pearl are lively and special which makes you feel the ideal combination in nature between jungle and sea. Tourists are definitely ridiculous to see perfect pieces of mother of pearl: unbroken, flat, and tightly fitted to the carved wood.

From colorful mother of pearl, shell and oyster with wide range of decorative veins, artists of Chuon Ngo village create sophisticated and impressive designs. The process of making mother-of-pearl inlay consists of 6 complicated stages including drawing the design, cutting shell into the shape, wood carving, sticking shell into the carved wood, grinding and polishing, making antique look with black powders.

The hand-made products are the symbol of luxury. Recently, products of Mother of pearl inlay village – Chuon Ngo such as cabinet, bed, chessboard, picture, jewel-box, chopstick box are favorite in both domestic and international markets.

According to VietKings (Kyluc.vn)