Traditional goldsmiths in Ke Mon village specialize in jewelry and decorative items. The craft is principally categorized according to three prevalent techniques:common processing (fabricating unadorned or simple carving objects), casting (molding decorative patterns to affix on products) and carving (creating intricate decorative patterns on products).





The gold and silver jewelry produced in this village had met the demand for personal adornment and decorative purposes of local residents and court mandarins of Hue ancient capital since the late 18th century. Many artisans from the North, especially Mr. Cao Dinh Do from Thanh Hoa, settled in Ke Mon village to practice and teach goldsmithing and passed on the expertise to following generations.





The jewelry products from Ke Mon village often have higher quality than those in other places thanks to the superior and intricate carving techniques through the hands of skilled, experienced and creative artisans, which can be found in locally-made gold and silver items such as necklaces, brace laces, rings and earrings.



Today, many artisans in Ke Mon village have moved to other places, especially Hue and southern cities, to practice goldsmithing. The jewelry in Hue has been expanded significantly over the years to meet the needs of adornments and decorations.

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