More than 10,000 coffee-related cultural relics from the renowned Jens Burg Museum in Germany were handed over to Trung Nguyen Corporation. The collection is now under the safekeeping of the company, where it is showcased in Trung Nguyen’s Coffee Museum in Buon Ma Thuot Province, Vietnam.

“I am very pleased to hand over the collection to Trung Nguyen as (it is) a different collector from others. I believe that Mr. Vu will treasure and uphold the coffee spirit in the world”, says Stefan Craack, former Director of the said museum.

The Coffee Museum has a distinct indigenous character and a striking native atmosphere – full of cultural relics mirroring the traditional customs, rituals and heritage of Vietnam’s Western Highland tribes.

Trung Nguyen’s Coffee Museum is constantly evolving, with heritage items and antiquities regularly added to the current collection. This advocacy is done not only to preserve and glorify the past coffee legacy, but also to act as a bridge to a future where coffee will have a more significant role in shaping human development.


Designed as a longhouse typically seen in Vietnam’s Highlands region and made entirely from indigenous materials, the Coffee Museum also serves as a venue for coffee seminars and trainings.

Source and photo: Trung Nguyen Coffee Museum