Lim Chhingy, was the highest ranked among the three.

“Of the grade 12 students, I was the top Cambodian, and placed 81st out of 94 students at the regional and global level,” said Chhingy.

The overall winner was a student from the Philippines.

Based on the large number of students participating, SASMO decided that just 40 per cent of the contestants would medal, with the group broken down into gold, silver and bronze.

“It feels amazing to know that out of 38 countries and over 30,000 entrants, I am in the top 100. I am very proud of my achievement, and dedicate my win to my family and my society,” she said.

The SASMO Math Competition was established in 2006, and is one of the largest math exams in Asia.

It expanded from 155 local participants in 2006 to more than 20,000 from 19 countries in the 2016 tournament. By 2019, the number of candidates jumped to over 30,000.

According to the SASMO website, the medallists came from Azerbaijan, Brazil, Cambodia,Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the competition was held on paper for those in Singapore and online for those outside the country.

“SASMO is not only a math competition that seeks out the best students, but also builds confidence among all students,” said the website.

Chhingy has been competing in domestic and international math competitions since 2020.

She won gold at the Angkor Mathematics and the Math Kangaroo Cambodia competitions, while SASMO 2020 was her first international event. In grade 10 at the time, she won a silver medal.

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